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Unbolting and weighing

Blocks were placed to support the boat as I removed the stands. The back was supported by a floor jack

After unbolting from the supports and floor, the boat was placed on 2 2x4s and blocks. By taking out one 2x6 block and inserting a bathroom scale, the force at each point could be measured. Total weight was 750 lbs.


Here are Jessie and Elyse under the hull showing off our Christmas tree working lights.

Moving in basement

the boat was easily moved with a 4 wheel dolly under the bow and a hydraulic floor jack at the transom. Blocking was used between the jack and the cross piece of the transom frame.

Carrying it out

16 guys. 8 were inside the upturned boat the others were on the outside. There was 3/4" to spare going through the sliding door opening.

We had to carry it through the 2 trees still on edge as there was not enough room to lay it down.

Flip and trailer

Flip was after the trees. The hull was laid on the grass and then picked up and placed on the trailer. The only scratches happened at this point as the bunk supports had sharp edges that scraped the forward pointy part of the bottom as it went on. I will need to modify those pieces later.

In the garage

Now we are ready for mechanical installation.

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