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Schedule so far. Milestones and notes great and small. 

Event Date Hours Notes
Order books Summer 99 0 Start on spouse acceptance and convince myself I can do it
Order Plans    - What does this thing look like in detail? Glen-L newsletter 9 photos by Wayne Cox look promising.
Set up work area    - Lights, paint wall and floor. Clear out space

Tape plans on wall

Bribe the kids and set the work rules    - Purchase at end of season closeout: Jessie - skis, Elyse - kneeboard, and David - wakeboard.
Order plywood

Purchase lumber

  - Now I'm committed. First big expenditures. Piles of lumber and plywood. Have to relocate lathe to make room.
Start construction 9/2/99 0 Cut out frame parts.
Plywood arrives 9/9/99 - Need for frame gussets.
Panic day 9/99 - Will it fit out the door (yes). Will Mercruiser 350 MAG fit (maybe with work)? This started by looking over frame 4 and it is too wide to fit out the door horizontally. Boat will need to come out at ~ 45 degree angle. After verifying fit through door, it now looks too small for engine. 
Frames complete 9/26/99 48.5 At this point they are assembled and have 2 coats of epoxy
Frames on stringers and aligned 10/2 64.5 First big milestone. It now has the rough outline of a boat! 
Keel and stem complete 10/9/99 87  
Chines on 10/21/99 108 Much more boat-like looking.
Bottom Battens complete 10/31/99 151.5 Lots of joinery
Sheers on 11/14/99 179  
Completed frame  11/21/99 185  
Fairing of frame complete 12/5/99 208.5 Lots of work! Fairing is hard work. This has taken much longer to get to this point than I expected. It pays to be patient at this point. It will pay dividends in fairing of planking.
First layer laminations start - transom 12/10/99 222 I sure wish I had made frame 2-3 inches higher on the stands. It is a very tight fit for me. Remember-  you have to slide under to clean up the joints.
First layer complete 12/26/99 267 Just stand back and admire your work
First layer faired 12/29/99 280 This takes a while to get the hang of how to do. Still quite a bit of work. Got a air file (long pneumatic sander) for Christmas. This is a BIG help. Add fairing compound - generally 1/16" or less, one area at chines needs 1/8".

Need more plywood due to miscalculation.

Second (middle) layer start 1/2 done 1/8/00 312 Ran out of epoxy again. >6 gals so far (1B+1C size). Hard to find between Christmas and New Years. Does every marine dealer close at this time? 
Pinewood derby 1/13/00   Yes, there is life beyond boat building. Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby time! 
Second layer complete and faired 1/23/00 350 Much easier to apply and fair than first layer.

Spent some time underneath on clean-up of drips, frame edges, staple hole / epoxy "zits".

Starting final lamination 1/26/00 -  
Order running hardware 2/1/00 - Ordered prop shaft, stuffing boxes, rudder, fiberglass, etc. from Glen-L
Final layer 50% complete 2/26/00 370  
Vacation 2/23 3/2 - Gotta have a break sometime. Skied Winter Park / Mary Jane. Get the kinks out of my back and legs on the moguls!
Planking complete 3/8/00 ~390 Now starting final sanding. Used 62) 10foot x 2inch (17/8"actual) strips for the mahogany.
Order engine 3/11/00 - Getting a Sea Maxx 5.7l MPI with PCM 1.23:1 down angle transmission. This should save a few inches of height compared to the Mercruiser with 71C trans.
Flip and move 4/8/00 456  
Install engine 4/16/00    
Deck frame complete 5/2/00 526 Waiting for exhaust parts and cables. Deck frame completed. Next install backer blocks, connect engine
Deck plywood on, start engine 5/29/00 627 Engine started without a problem, instruments all seem to work.
Deck Fiberglassed 6/11/00    
On the water 6/23/00 736 Launched but not done.  Bare seats and no side edging trim, but ready for skiing and fishing
Seating rework 4/1/01 745 Ready for upholstery. Metal trim installed with snap fasteners for new "mooring" cover
Complete 5/28/01 800 Upholstery and floor complete. Fresh coat of varnish. 

Schedule does not include time spent by children pulling staples. They have been a lot of help. They have spent ~50% as much time in total as I have. 

Time spent on shopping and research not included. Seemingly daily lists of things to pick up by my wife. 

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