On the water  
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We launched at Pewaukee lake. We did the final check of the prop-shaft alignment (dead on) and proceeded. 

The shift and throttle linkages needed final adjustment. The owner's manual for the engine discourages shifting into gear out of the water , so this had not been tested with the engine running. The throttle had to be set to SLOWLY open prior to the transmission engaging. At first reverse was perfect, but forward had too many RPMs at the shift point.

The shake -down cruise went well. The hardest thing was getting the boat back on the trailer in alignment. Added side bunk boards later.

Ready to go

This was taken the second time out. We ran around the lake and went tubing and skiing.

This shot is taken from the tube at idle.


Another shot from the tube. This as not at full speed yet.

Ride is smooth and noise is reasonable. There is no padding or sound absorbing materials installed.


View from the forward cockpit
Same thing with tube in view

The boat planes easily and with minimal bow rise on acceleration.

Speed testing yielded 46-47 mph on the speedometer with 5000-5100 RPM with a 13x14" prop. With a 14x16" prop , the top speed increased to 52mph, but still without truly rev limiting the engine. It could go steeper still. I would like to try a steeper pitch prop to see what the potential top end is.

Comfortable skiing is 3000 rpm. Pulling up a skier at 2500-3000 rpm. For two skiers, this goes up to 2800-3300rpm. Pulling doubles is easy. Everyone gets more turns. The kids are more satisfied as David and Elyse do their "Energizer Bunny" routine, they just keep going and going and...

Slalom skiing is the area I had worried about as I am a large person and have had trouble  in the past. On vacation, we had 8 people in the boat pulling me on a slalom ski. We were doing 42mph at ~4500 rpm. No more having to leave people on shore when the"big guys" want to ski. This was before I got a wide slalom ski.

Turns are smooth and stable. There was one skid fin installed, even with the front of the engine the first year. Two more were added the second year. This provided a substantial improvement in turning ability and reduced turning radius.

This has been the universal response when people see the boat for the first time, so it became the name.

Name and registration numbers were done in cut vinyl.

More skiing and boarding



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