My website is being revamped with new tools and methods of building it out. The site was started because of my Riviera Boatbuilding Project. The boat project is still of course available here, but no longer the home page for the web site.


My more recent updates are done as blog postings and they are found here: Mark Bronkalla Blog

The website started with the boat project and has grown over the years in fits and spurts. The boat project gets periodic updates as we do maintenance and add pieces. So you will see some "lessons learned" mixed in with the original time line narration. Other items are much more topical, covering a variety of projects. You are welcome to "take the tour" following the boat construction in chronological order or hop around. If you have questions, feel free to email.

Mark Bronkalla

Many of my newer projects and adventures are documented in photos on Facebook. Here is a link to one of the albums

Major topics include:


Woodworking Projects,

Metalworking, Tool Construction and Rebuilding

Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography


Cooking and Charcuterie

CNC Router design, construction and use

Miscellaneous items including David's high school Trebuchet project




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