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Rub rail trim

Stainless steel half oval trim was placed along the sheers the entire length of the boat. Four 12' pieces were used. At the rear, where it buts against the vertical trim used on the edges of the transom the end was flattened.

To flatten the end, simply pound (hard) it flat on a metal block. File the end to a nice radius. Sand to at least 600 grit and then buff with emery compound and then white rouge to get the mirror finish.

The vertical trim along the transom is left over hatch cover strip pieces. The pieces were put into position and the curve of the transom was traced onto them. I used a 4" grinder to remove the excess material. A file was used for final smoothing.

All of the screws are bedded with polysulfide caulking. Black was used as it is easer to clean up and any small remains blend in with the wood grain. White remains an eye-sore if it is not all removed.

Snaps for the cover replace the oval head screws at every third hole. A single snap is also at the top center of the transom for the cover.

At the bow, the half oval was mitered to fit and the end rounded over slightly. 

The top edges are also filed slightly as they are quite sharp from the factory.

Custom cover in place

Note the green strip near the winch. This covers the safety chain and keeps it from marring the finish.

Another view with the cover and tow vehicle. The truck is a Ford Explorer Sport Trac. It tows the boat very nicely. It is only 2 wheel drive, but has a limited slip differential. This works well, even on steep boat ramps.
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