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I did a lot of reading to convince myself that I was capable of doing this project. In addition, I have done extensive woodworking over the years. Here is a list of the sources I have found most helpful.

Recommended Books:

Construction and how to:

The basics of how to build a boat

Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction

This is the book that is the single best reference, written by the WEST System Epoxy people.

THE LAMINATED WOOD BOATBUILDER A step-by-step guide for the backyard builder
by Hub Miller

A good starting point. Easy to read and understand. Read this before the Gougeon Brother's book.

Brightwork : The Art of Finishing Wood by Rebecca Wittman

So you want to know how to make it look pretty and keep it that way? This is it! Many practical tips and hints on finishing.

Glen-L publications:

Very thorough and reasonably priced.

Inboard Motor Installation

This book is absolutely essential for inboard installation.

How to Fiberglass Boats

Get this book and the video to conquer the jitters that occur prior to pouring gallons of epoxy on your pretty hull.

How to Build Boat Trailers

Whether you want to save some money or better understand what you are buying, a helpful reference.

Coffee table books

These picture books are a great reference when you are trying to decide on how to get "the look". They are also very useful when trying to explain to your spouse what the final boat will look like.

Legend of Chris-Craft  

A very interesting history of the company. 

Cutwater : Speedboats and Launches from the Golden Age of Boating  

This was our reference for the interior and upholstery.

Wood Through Water : Classic Power Boats  


Magazines and other sources:

Fine Woodworking and American Woodworker are by far the best general woodworking magazines published. I have subscribed to both over the years and currently still get Fine Woodworking. Woodsmith is an excellent project oriented magazine.

These all  have excellent how to and technical articles. They go into more depth than the other magazines and have far superior technical accuracy. The only downside, is that the scale of many of the projects shown may be daunting. Don't fear, there are also small ones.

Wooden Boat - you probably already about knew that one.

Home Shop Machinist - This is the place to learn about metal working and where to find all of the tools and toys for metal work. Remember, boat building is multi-disciplinary. The best buys on measuring and layout tools are found in the metal / industrial suppliers. 

New Yankee Workshop - Yes, I know this is not reading. It really helps to see someone else doing these things. Of course, the 10:1 speed-up of having everything set up and ready to go needs to be factored in when planning a similar project.

Duckworks Magazine -  On-line magazine. Lots of other projects and good articles. Get on the e-mailing list (subscribe for free).


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