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Boatbuilding.com - lots of links

Cutwater links- woodies on the web

New Boatbuilders Home Page  - regulatory and safety info

Coast Guard office of boating safety - just to be sure

Glen-L boatbuilder connection - check daily

Wooden Boat Magazine- Great Magazine, but no experience with the plans they offer

Dudley Dix Yacht Design - Naval Architect, Yacht Designer, Boat Plans, Boat Designs

The Mother of All Maritime Links-  Like it says, nearly everything is here

US Forest Products Lab - answers to the questions of how strong a wood is, how rot resistant ,etc.

Engines and parts

Pleasurecraft Marine

Mercury Marine

Basic Power

CP Performance - Go fast, inboard and jet parts

Teleflex Instruments

Other Suppliers - look good, but untried (by me)

Southern Crown Boatworks - Hardware

Cutwaters by Mike

Badger Hardwoods

Noah's Marine Supplies

Joe's Auto Marine Supply

Raka epoxy and finishes

Clark Craft Boat Building Supplies

World Panel Products - marine plywood


Woodworking Links

Wisconsin Woodworker's Guild

Badger Pond

Old Woodworking Machines (OWWM) - Great information on great old machinery. Check out my "new" Colladay jointer which was purchased after the boat was done, but is rumored to originally to have been sold to a Wisconsin shipbuilding firm.


rec.woodworking (The Wreck) Pointed and useful commentary on tools and technique. Don't let the name scare you off.  FAQs at http://www.robson.org/woodfaq/


rec.sport.waterski -- Well, you have to do something with it once it's finished.

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