3D Printing
D-Bot – 3D printer upgrades

About 2 years ago I built the D-Bot  which is a core-xy style 3d printer. What this means is I have a printer with a relatively large build volume of roughly 300mm^3 and a fairly rigid mechanical structure.  My efforts on this design can be seen starting at: http://bronkalla.com/blog/2017/03/12/new-3d-printer-project/ To the basic printer design, I made […]

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Cured Meats: Charcuterie
Bresaola – Tasting

Today the Bresaola had lost enough of its weight to be ready for tasting.  This is a continuation of my previous post on making the Bresaola . Started 1/5/19,  tasting 4/13/19    The process took just over 3 months. The meat was curing in the dry box in the basement with the dry cured ham and more […]

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