Isla’s New Bed

I had made a convertible crib / bed for my grand-daughter Isla a almost 4 years ago, see: It had been successfully converted from crib to bed. However, Isla as a little sister Aubrey who now needs a crib. Rather than build another convertible crib / bed, and end up with yet more left over parts (end panels, mattress frame)), I decided to make another bed for Isla. It is based on another that I built for my son David and his wife Kelly a few years ago but is scaled down from King size to Full size. The Sketchup design was modified and sent to Isla’s mom, Jessie, for approval. I love being able to do 3D renderings of the project prior to starting.

Isla’s bed is made from cherry. I have the thick cherry stock for the legs (8/4), cross rails (6/4) and long side rails (6/4) left over from the kitchen table project. It is also a weird sign of the times, that cherry is now significantly less expensive than white oak and on par with poplar! The end panel in-fill will be 1/2″ cherry plywood.

Today I got all of the large pieces, jointed, planed and cut to size. The files for all of the mortises in the legs are also ready for the CNC router.

3D Rendering of the bed