Dining Table – Completion

Final assembly of the dining table was done in the dining area. It is too big and heavy for Teal and I to move on our own. Assembly “in situ” worked out very well. It is nicer to work on the hardwood floor than on the shop floor and there is more room.

The top leaves were laid on some old towels to avoid scratching and ease sliding around as necessary. The frame was then laid on them and centered. Note that the slides are not completely closed but rather opened by about 3/8″ to allow for expansion of the leaves in the summer and to avoid the slides preventing the tops from closing together. The leaves were first fastened with the pocket screws to hold them in exact position then the figure 8s were screwed down.

Fastening the leaves to the leaf slide rails

The next step was to insert the butterfly leaf and fasten the barrel hinge assembly in place. With the leaf held in alignment by the pins in the edges of the top pieces, alignment was straightforward.

The frame and leaves were then placed o the base. The leaves were tested to ensure they slid freely and the slides adjusted as necessary for proper clearance. Once this was set additional screws were added in the small holes in the slides (the first screws were in slots to allow adjustment), locking them into position.

Butterfly leaf as seen from the top. I was adding extra screws to the slides

The next step was to mount and adjust the equalizing cables and get the outer rail mounted which holds the pulleys. It also conceals the slides when the table is closed. The cable is tensioned via the turnbuckle. The final adjustment for even position of the leaves is via nuts on the right hand thread eye screw on each side of the lower bracket.

Top frame mounted to the base and the cable with turnbuckle and adjusting nuts visible

Table with the leaves closed

Now it was time for the final tests, opening the leaves.

Teal is opening the butterfly

Butterfly opened

Butterfly open

Full size table with the butterfly leaf in place

Table extended

This has been a challenging and rewarding project. Now we have 1 more week for the finish to be fully cured (3 weeks t0tal) and then it will be ready for use.

Next will be the chairs.