Doll cradles

These were built for my wife's co-workers as children's Christmas presents.

One has hand cut dovetailed corners (not easy in ash). The other two have rabetted and pinned corners much easier and also decorative).

This was my first attempt at hand cut dovetails. I was looking for a challenge and thought it would go faster than setting up the Leigh jig.

This set built 12/01

Making the doll cradles has now become an annual event.

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Rockin' bears

This was part of the annual Wisconsin Woodworker's Guild Christmas toy drive (we collected over 900 member built toys last year). We built 9 of these in a semi-production setup. Pieces were pattern cut and template routed. Next year we can do more (now we know the process and the design is complete).

We saw the bears at Kohls I and thought I can do something with them. Patterns will be available for similar uses.

These were finished with Tried and True Varnish Oil (old fashioned real boiled linseed oil) for an easy and non-toxic finish. It also does not stink up the house in the middle of winter!

Built 12/01